To cultivate a community of comradery for anyone at any fitness level, where we won't allow the fear of the unknown to keep us from hitting our goals. We believe that committing to a routine of continuously showing up, will allow you to feel the results you are looking for, while keeping you motivated, inspired, and empowered.

The FluxFit Workout

A total body conditioning workout where no two classes will be the same, and each class has a focus on Strength, Cardio, or HIIT training.

Strength Training

Strength training is an important component of your overall fitness journey. It incorporates resistance training to elicit muscular contractions in order to help build muscle and overall strength, as well as improve upon your anaerobic endurance capacity and overall skeletal muscle.

Cardiovascular Training

To put it simply, cardiovascular training is any type of exercise that raises your heart rate. It is a form of aerobic exercise that can range from low to high intensity, which exercises the heart as a muscle, lungs, and associated blood vessels. Cardio training is an extremely effective form of training for your circulatory system and overall health of your body.

HIIT Training

HIIT (or High Intensity Interval Training) involves tapping into the anaerobic state of your body, otherwise known as working post oxygen consumption and using carbohydrates as your main fuel source. This is done through short, powerful efforts of a few seconds through two minutes of work that brings your body to 100% fatigue, followed by periods of (sometimes active) recovery before getting back to work.

The FluxFit workout is comprised of various stations, in which participants spend a set time per each station, and FLUXuate as time is called by the coach in order to complete all stations in a given class

  • Max of 4 members per station in any given class at any given time in order to create that small group feeling
  • The number of stations in each circuit class can range from 6 – 12 stations in order to create an ever changing workout where you will never get bored of completing the same exercise routine
  • Every FluxFit class is designed and led by the FluxFit Personal Trainers



-4 classes per month



-8 classes per month



-Unlimited classes per month


No annual contract. No annual fees.

Community Events

We are more than just a fitness studio, we are a community. Each month we will hold events where we can enjoy each other’s company sweat free. Anything goes from happy hours, to community service events, and in studio celebrations. We’re excited to get to know each and every one of you a little bit better.


1:1 Personal Training is a great option for those looking to work one on one with one of the FluxFit Personal Trainer's who will tailor a dedicated program for you to help you meet your specific goals. Our trainers will meet with you to understand your history, needs and goals, perform assessments, and implement a program designed specifically for you. You will get take home exercises to practice on your own when you are unable to be with your Trainer in studio so you can always be working towards the success you are looking for.

1 Session: $95
5 Session Pack: $90 each
10 Session Pack: $85 each
*Any membership holder saves 15% on any personal training package.

Have friends you want to flux with? Save BIG on small group personal training! Contact us at 203-743-7134 for more information.

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